Gathering of the Clans – 2022

By | September 7, 2022

On the night of the Gathering of the Clans, 8th September, and as our Council members and others were preparing the Hall for the ‘Gathering of the Clans’, the news of the death of The Queen filtered through. Several members, who were intending to come to the ceilidh, sent word that they felt it would be disrespectful to attend or that they just couldn’t join us.
The President promptly held a brief Council meeting where it was agreed to postpone the event. Those who did make the journey stayed a wee while for a cuppa …and moments of recollection, reflection and conversation. The new date for the Gathering of the Clans has now been decided by the Council and will be on Thursday, 20th October. This will replace the Autumn Dance originally planned for that date.

updated 11/9/22