Who’s Who

Honorary President: His Grace the Duke of Argyll


President: Iain Campbell T: 01305 768446      E: iaincampbellgo@yahoo.co.uk
Vice President: Maisie Muir T: 01202 989514    E: maisie.muir@tiscali.co.uk
Hon. Treasurer: Robin Searle T: 01425 477813    E: robin.marion@btinternet.com
Hon. Secretary:
Other Council Members: Morag Judd and Veronica Thorne.
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Website Co-ordinator: Morag Judd      Website Developer: Malcolm Higgins   

Facebook Co-ordinator: Paul Woods

Life Vice-Presidents: Joan Higgins, James Little, Wendy Little, Irene Millar and Charles Robertson

Life Members: Ian Collie, John Steed and Pam Steed

Trustees: Iain Campbell, Joan Higgins, James Little and Charles Robertson

Auditors: John Steed and Paul Wood

updated 9/10/22


Past Presidents

1907-16 Dr J Roberts Thomson MD FRCP
1920-22 W W Macadam
1922-23 Mrs Macadam
1923-24 Dr S Watson Smith FRCP
1924-27 Dr Anthony McCall
1927-29 J H Yearsley
1929-33 W Hector Mackenzie FRIBA
1933-37 Lieut-Col W Roberts Thomson TD DL JP
1937-38 Professor John Cameron DSc MD
1938-40 Rev James Mackay
1946-47 Major A. Tennyson-Smith OBE MD CM
1948-49 David S Young FLA
1949-53 J McNeil Campbell
1953-55 F L Mitchell
1955-60 William Niven ISM
1960-62 J McCrindle Eaglesham
1962-63 D Mackay Bain MIMarE
1963-65 Robert Baird
1965-67 George Anderson
1967-69 Peter Campbell FICE FIWE MIMunE FGS
1969-71 Jack Campbell
1971-72 Cmd R Wilson RNR (Rtd) RD
1972-74 John Anderson
1974-76 Jack Kerr
1976-78 Roy D Gillespie-Smith
1978-80 Mrs Janet F Campbell
1980-82 James Whyte
1982-84 Miss Joan B Donald
1984-86 George D Cameron-Smith
1986-88 Sidney H Johnstone
1988-90 Mrs Helene Sheach Hardwick
1990-92 Robert Millar
1992-94 Mrs Joan Higgins
1994-96 John Gates
1996-98 Charles Robertson
1998-00 Ian Stewart Bell
2000-02 Dr William R Logan
2002-04 Irene Millar
2004-06 Mary Timms
2006-08 Robert Millar
2008-10 Joan Higgins
2010-12 James Little
2012-14 Charles Robertson
2014-16 Suzanne Ramsay
2016-18 Wendy Little
2018-21 Maisie Muir

updated: 21/7/22